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Thank you for your interest in Kids for Turtles!

We have had an amazing time as a small organization rising awareness of the natural world that surrounds us. We have enjoyed every event and every interaction we’ve ever had with you, our supporters. We thank you for the great memories you have helped us build.

Unfortunately, the time has come to close the doors of our organization. This website will be up (though not monitored) until March 2022.

Thank you once again for your continued support!
 - The KFT team.

Promoting Public Awareness Of Wildlife Habitats Through Environmental Education

Turtle Nesting Program a Success in Tiny Marsh

This season, volunteers at Tiny Marsh were able to successfully rescue approximately 300 snapping turtle hatchlings, and several more painted turtles, through their nesting program.

Tiny Marsh is a Provincial Wildlife area located near Elmvale and is an outdoor enthusiasts dream. It is made up of a series of trails that follow dikes throughout the marsh and is home to an incredible amount species. This year, Bob Bowles and his team of volunteers completed a biological inventory of the flora and fauna that you would find in this area. They were able to document a huge variety of plants as well as different birds such as Osprey, trumpeter swans, eleven different species of ducks and many others.

In addition to this amazing inventory, these volunteers also ventured out on a turtle nesting project! All summer, they placed cages over confirmed nests in an attempt to maximize the number of turtle hatchlings that survive. Turtle nests are always in danger of predation as they carry a distinct smell from the mother. This scent draws in predators and the nests are often destroyed within days. The cages that are placed over the nests are made from thin wire and are constructed to have holes large enough for the turtles to crawl out when they hatch, but small enough that predators can’t get in. These cages are an integral piece of protecting our turtles and helping to rebuild the populations. If you or someone you know has had turtles nest on or near your property and you are interested in having a cage, email to sign up for our program!


P1610902   new snapper hatchling